After being in a car accident, fixing the dents and paint job may not be enough to fully restore your vehicle. If the accident has damaged the vehicle’s frame, you will need chassis/auto frame repair.

Auto frame repair involves straightening a damaged chassis until it matches its original design. Not fixing the frame will cause the vehicle to become unbalanced, which will make it unsafe and fuel-inefficient to drive.

But before requesting a frame repair, it is wise to consider the following:

Extent of Repairs

Depending on the extent of the damage, frame repair may involve bending or stretching the frame back into place. More severe damage will require replacing a particular section, or the whole frame. Failure to repair the frame properly will compromise any other repair that follows.

To avoid complications, have a professional auto frame repairer assess the frame’s condition and recommend the best solution.

Replacing part of the frame, or the entire frame, is necessary if the repairer cannot force the damaged chassis to take its pre-accident shape. For example, if pulling the bent frame stretches its metal, it will jeopardize the stability of the frame. That’s because when the metal expands, it loses its balance and strength. Using such a compromised metal frame will disrupt the car’s performance and make it unsafe.

That said, replacing a vehicle’s frame is not always cost-effective, especially if it will cost the same as buying another vehicle. Consulting an expert will let you know if you are better off buying a new vehicle or replacing the frame.

Computerized Measurements for Auto Frame Repairs

Accuracy is essential for successful auto frame repair. To avoid repair errors, professional technicians have specialized equipment for measuring the frame and restoring it.

The measurement apparatus uses lasers and computers to scan the damage and diagnose if the frame is salvageable. After repairs, the same machine determines the accuracy of the repairs. It’s best to only utilize those service agencies that have this equipment. Otherwise, you risk receiving an inaccurate diagnosis and substandard repairs.

For the actual repair job, another machine attaches to specific points on the frame. At these points, the machine will slowly pull the frame until it restores the chassis’ original shape.

The Expertise of the Auto Frame Technician

Only work with an auto frame repair specialist who has the right licenses and certifications. If a body shop has a manufacturer certification, it means that particular shop is equipped to deliver accurate repairs to vehicles produced by that particular manufacturer.

Also, make sure the specialist has experience working on your specific type of vehicle. Otherwise, he or she may lack the expertise and tools needed to complete the repair properly.

At Desoto Collision Center, we have many years of experience delivering auto frame repairs for numerous vehicle types. We keep our service as quick and hassle-free as possible. That way, customers can get their vehicle back in perfect condition and with minimal stress.

Do you have a totaled vehicle? Contact us today for a consultation and discuss your frame repair options.