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If your car needs auto body repair after a minor or major accident, a common concern is how much the repairs will cost. The only way to determine that accurately is to get an auto body repair estimate. However, the process can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. To ensure you get the best service at the most competitive price, you will need to balance several factors, including work quality, repair timeframe, and overall cost. Here are some critical issues to keep in mind when looking for a collision repair estimate.

Research Several Auto Body Shops

The first step to getting the best body shop for your repair needs is to get at least three written estimates from reputable collision repair shops in your area. The estimates should spell out the repairs needed and the costs for parts and labor. You can then choose a shop that best meets your needs and budget.

Don’t Consider the Price Alone

There is more to an auto body repair estimate than the price alone, and a higher estimate does not necessarily mean that the repair shop is overcharging. You should also be careful about repair shops that give considerably lower repair estimates than others for the same repairs. It’s best to focus more on quality than price when choosing a repair shop.

The Insurance Company Shouldn’t Choose a Repair Shop for You

It is okay for an insurance company to recommend their preferred auto body shop to you. However, remember that insurance companies’ primary goal is to minimize their expenses and maximize profits rather than getting the best quality work. They will often recommend cheap repair shops that use low-quality parts. You should exercise your right to choose your preferred repair shop and not allow the insurance company to dictate what shop to use.

Avoid Using Online Estimator Tools

To ease anxiety about how much it would cost to repair your car, you may be tempted to use an online estimate tool before visiting a repair shop. These tools only give a rough estimate, and most of them can be misleading. Therefore, you shouldn’t base your repair budget on the quotes you get from any of these tools. It’s better to work with a professional estimator to get an estimate that accurately reflects your vehicle’s repair costs. It’s worth noting that the overall cost of your repair estimate varies significantly depending on the severity of your vehicle’s damage. There is no one-size-fits-all formula to determine how much your repair will cost. A comprehensive auto body repair estimate should include time for labor and the cost of parts and materials.  If you are looking for a reliable collision repair shop, look no further than Desoto Collision Center. Besides providing high-quality auto body repair services at an affordable price, we also offer free auto body repair estimates at all our locations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our friendly mechanics and get a free quote for all your collision repair needs.