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When thinking about sun protection, your vehicle may not be the first thing to mind. However, intense ultraviolet rays are incredibly detrimental to a car left in the sun for too long. Here are some helpful tips to protect your vehicle from sun damage.


Sitting in the hot sun will roast your car’s exterior, especially if the paint is a dark color. The most important way to protect your vehicle from sun damage is to park it in a shaded area if you can’t access an enclosed space. Consider incorporating these tips into your car maintenance routine to prevent damage to your cars.


A car’s paint will crack and peel under the scorching UV rays. Washing your car regularly will keep debris from worsening the sun damage.

Paint protection film and waxing are also great ways to protect your vehicle from sun damage. The film creates a barrier between the sun and your car.


Through the car windows, UV light penetrates your car’s interior and may slowly degrade the vehicle’s furnishings. However, protecting your car’s internal area is simple with some consideration.


Signs of sunlight overexposure include a seat’s feeling hot to the touch or causing your legs to stick to the material. Using a seat protector is an excellent way to protect yourself from the sun. In addition, a leather conditioner is ideal for cleaning and creating a barrier between your car and the ultraviolet rays.

Steering Wheel

If grasping the steering wheel feels like a burn test, it has probably sustained UV damage. A steering wheel cover is a helpful tool for sun protection.


Regular maintenance of the dashboard helps protect your car from sun damage. Dust and debris that lingers will crack in the heat.

Use a microfiber cloth and an interior car cleaner or leather conditioner if you have a leather dashboard. Clean your car with these tools at least once a month.

For additional dashboard protection, consider using a windshield sunshade. This cover will protect your dashboard and the seats, steering wheel, floor, and all interior parts of the car.


Check your tire pressure regularly to ensure there is no shrinkage. Hot pavement shrivels the rubber on your tires and can lead to a flat tire or blowout.

To protect your vehicle from sun damage, use caution when driving in the heat and follow our tips. Contact Desoto Collision Center of Memphis, TN, for more information about auto body repair. Call our friendly team today at 901-207-4263.