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If you’re a driver who experiences a car accident for the first time, it can be a harrowing experience even after resolving the accident. Now you have to deal with another huge obstacle: finding a reputable auto body repair shop that offers collision repair services.

There are many misconceptions out there that can make the process of finding good repair services difficult. This article will tackle the five most common misconceptions about collision repair and the truth behind them.

1.  You Can’t Restore Your Car

While dents and dings are relatively easy to repair, a major accident can make it seem like no amount of repair work can restore your car to its former appearance and function.

However, technicians can repair most vehicle damage. Unless your vehicle is completely reduced to an unusable heap of metal and glass, a trustworthy auto repair shop can restore your car to pre-accident condition. However, if the cost comes close to a new car, it might be time to cut your losses and purchase a new one.

2. Insurance Covers Everything

Even the most comprehensive vehicle insurance policy has loopholes. Keep in mind that insurance companies are looking to make a profit, and it’s often in their best interest to reduce their coverage as much as possible.

Make sure that you understand your vehicle insurance policy thoroughly before committing to it. If you already have a trusted auto body repair shop, ask which insurance policy provides the most coverage.

3. Only Work with Dealers to Get the Best Service

One of the most harmful misconceptions about collision repair services is that you can only get the best service from authorized dealers. While getting licensed and special parts from dealers might be easier, you can still get high-quality services from non-affiliated shops.

If the dealer’s warranty still covers your car, you should take full advantage of it. However, you can shop around for auto body repair shops with more competitive prices once the warranty ends.

4. You Should Only Work with Auto Body Shops Affiliated with Your Insurance Company

If your insurance company seems inclined towards a particular auto body repair shop, there is a good chance that they are affiliated. While you are certainly welcome to work with these shops, don’t feel pressured to listen to your insurance if you think you have better options.

Your insurance provider will honor whichever auto body shop you choose as long as it is a reputable and registered business.

5. Working With Independent Auto Repair Shops Will Void Your Warranty

It is within your rights to choose an independent auto repair shop even if your warranty is still active. However, keep in mind that opting for modifications to your vehicle during the repair may void your warranty.

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