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Debris from the road is one of the most common auto body damage causes. If you’re driving on the road, there is always a chance of encountering road debris. The most common types of debris are rocks, grass, and branches. These can be dangerous if they hit your car.

Debris on the road can threaten your vehicle and your safety and result in an accident where you may need to file a claim. Here are some tips for avoiding auto damage from road debris:

Drive At a Safe Speed

The speed limit is the recommended “safe speed” for a stretch of road under the worst weather conditions. Do not exceed the speed limit, and slow down more for bad weather or when driving at night.

Slow Down in Bad Weather

Heavy rains or snowstorms can make it harder to stop suddenly to avoid road debris, so be extra careful when driving during these conditions!

Use Your Headlights

When visibility is low, make sure to turn on your headlights so you can avoid any debris on the road. Large pieces of debris can be dangerous for you and other drivers. If a piece of debris hits your car, you could send the debris flying into another lane.

Don’t Tailgate

When vehicles pack close together, there’s more chance for something to wedge between them or fall onto one or both cars from above (e.g., tree branches). Keep plenty of distance between other vehicles so that if something falls from above, it won’t hit both of you at once.

Also, keep in mind that cars can’t stop as quickly when they’re following close to one another. The farther back you are, the more time you have to react if something happens up ahead.

Scan The Road Ahead of You

Pay attention to what’s happening on the road ahead of you. Look for pieces of metal or plastic flying through the air before they hit your car. If you see something coming towards your vehicle while driving, take evasive action immediately!

Avoid Debris Lanes

Some states designate specific areas where drivers should not drive because there is too much debris on the road from storms, construction, etc. These areas usually have warning signs for drivers about large amounts of debris in the area. So, stay away from these areas when driving in bad weather conditions or at night since it is more difficult for you to see any potential dangers coming up ahead on the road.

Watch Out for Potholes

Keep an eye out for potholes and other hazards on the road. Potholes can cause damage by throwing your wheel off track, making it hard to steer, or easier to break out of control arm suspension.

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The roads are not always safe. They are full of debris, potholes, and other problems that can cause serious damage to your car. Road debris can hit your car, cause property damage, damage to your vehicle, or even cause wrongful death.

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