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The auto body repair industry has been around for decades, and there are still collision repair myths surrounding it. The first step in restoring your vehicle is to understand the process. Many people have misconceptions about auto body repair, which leads to frustration and unexpected costs. Here are seven of the most common auto body repair myths:

Myth 1: All Repair Shops Are Equal

Use a shop with trained technicians and certified mechanics who can diagnose problems quickly and accurately. The best shops will also be able to recommend parts that meet OEM standards, which guarantees they’ll fit perfectly into your vehicle’s existing parts system.

Myth 2: The Insurance Company Will Pay for Everything After a Car Collision

Unfortunately, this isn’t always true — even if it should be under the law! Insurance companies often try to negotiate lower settlements than the rate required by law, so make sure you know what your coverage includes before agreeing on anything less than fair market value for your car.

Myth 3: “I Can’t Fix My Car Without Estimates.”

You can fix your car without an estimate and without paying anything upfront. All major insurance companies offer their customers the option of paying for collision repairs as they go along while their cars are in the shop — even if they don’t have an estimate yet! So, you can fix your car right away and pay less overall.

Myth 4: You Can Only Use the Auto Body Shop Your Insurance Recommends

This is also false because there are many other great options besides using only the company your insurance company recommends. These shops charge exorbitant amounts of money for repairs compared to other cheaper shops in town that offer similar services. Ask your preferred shop if they can work with your insurance.

Myth 5: You Cannot Fix Bad FramesMyth 6: Only Auto Dealers Can Properly Repair Cars

Although bringing your car back to pre-accident condition may seem daunting, it’s easy when you know what to do. An expert auto repair shop can tell you about essential repairs when generating your estimate and help you understand the extent of the damage.

Myth 6: Only Auto Dealers Can Properly Repair Cars

A common misconception is that only dealerships can provide quality repairs. Plenty of local shops can offer the same level of service at a fraction of the cost. You want to find the best local shop with good reviews, warranty options, and knowledge about insurance claims for accident repairs.

Myth 7: Your Car Will Never Be the Same After a Car Accident

Yes, it will! Many people believe that you can never get back to normal again after an accident. The truth is that with the right help, your car will look like new again! The most important thing is to get help from experts to avoid spending extra money on unnecessary repairs or causing further damage by doing something wrong.

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