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A pothole is a hole on the road’s surface resulting from weathering or deterioration over time. Chances are that every driver has experienced driving over a pothole at some point in their life. While rolling over a pothole often does negligible damage, it can cause devastating consequences in certain circumstances. It is pretty easy not to see a pothole, especially when it is dark and potholes are less visible. During cold seasons, snow can fill up the potholes, hiding them from drivers’ view. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your eyes on the road at all times to avoid potholes. Here are some of the most common damages you could experience if you hit a pothole.

Tire Damage

Your tires are the first line of defense against potholes. If you hit a pothole, your tires could suffer damage such as tread separation and sidewall bulges. You may even get a blowout. Potholes usually have rough, hard edges that compress the tire on impact, causing the damages mentioned. You can prevent tire damage by always driving with properly inflated tires.

Rim Damage

Running over a pothole can cause scratches, chips, cracks, and bends on your rims. All of these damages can make it challenging for your wheels to roll smoothly, leading to an uncomfortable drive and more severe issues for your car if not fixed on time.

Premature Wear of Suspension System

Repeatedly running over potholes can lead to premature wear and tear of your vehicle’s shocks and struts. If you notice that your car doesn’t ride as smoothly, bounces excessively, or doesn’t handle bumps well, you should have a reputable mechanic check your suspension system. By ignoring the problems, you risk more damage the next time you drive over a pothole.

Undercarriage Damage

When you run over a relatively large pothole, you expose your vehicle’s undercarriage and increase its risk for damage, such as puncturing hoses and lines that cause fluid leakage. Always check for fluid leaking under your car after you hit a pothole. Since it’s located beneath the vehicle, the exhaust system can also suffer damage from potholes that scrape the undercarriage. If you notice a strange sound from your exhaust system, don’t hesitate to have it checked by the experts at Desoto Collision Center.

Steering System Misalignment

The force of hitting a pothole can damage your vehicle’s steering assembly. This force can result in a misalignment of the steering components and the engine, potentially causing control problems and an increased risk of an accident.

Damage to the Vehicle’s Body

If you have a smaller car with low-hanging siding and bumpers, it has a higher risk of cosmetic damage when running over a pothole. If you hit a pothole and sustain damage, do not ignore it, as it could lead to more costly problems over time. Instead, have the car checked by the experts at Desoto Collision Center and have the damage fixed accordingly. We are experts in auto body and maintenance repairs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with friendly local mechanics and top-quality service at the most competitive prices.