Many car owners assume that painting their vehicles is just another DIY project. To save money, they do it themselves. Or, if they don’t have the time, they hire an unlicensed auto body painter. Most of these car owners end up having to pay an expert to undo the shoddy work that they inflicted on their vehicles.

Why pay for the same job twice when a professional can deliver perfect results on the first try? If that’s not reason enough to always work with a professional auto body painter, here are five more reasons:

Specialized Equipment

If you think the only thing needed for a perfect car paint job is a spray gun, you are wrong. Each type of car painting project requires a specific kind of equipment. If one piece of equipment is missing, getting perfect results will not be possible.

For example, trying to repaint an old car without a ventilated booth, compressors, an electric sander, masking tape, and more, will lead to unsatisfactory results. A professional auto painter will have every necessary tool, as well as the specialized skills to use them safely and efficiently.

The quality of the equipment is also important. That’s because substandard equipment and materials cannot deliver a durable paint job with a perfect finish. In summary, always choose a professional painter with specialized equipment and materials for your specific paint job.

Experience and Quality

Having quality painting equipment is essential, but it takes years of practice to master delivering perfect results, even with the right equipment. Professional auto body painters have mastered their trade while working on many jobs over many years. That experience equips a painter to deliver the results you want on a paint job.

Full Service

To the non-professional, repainting a vehicle simply means applying a fresh paint coat. A professional knows how to evaluate the vehicle before starting the job. That includes determining if the vehicle will require dent fillings and other bodywork preparation before painting. Failure to perform necessary bodywork preparations before painting will lead to an unsatisfactory finish.

Perfect Finish Guaranteed

Dust and other debris landing on wet paint can ruin a paint job. To ensure a defect-free finish, professional auto body painters work in an indoor environment with air quality that is carefully monitored. The car will also dry in a well-ventilated room that speeds up the drying process while keeping out airborne debris.

Eco-friendly Operations

Getting a new paint job shouldn’t cost the environment. Licensed auto body painters keep their operations eco-friendly by having specialized companies safely dispose of their leftover paint, solvents, and other environmentally-hazardous materials.

Talk to the Pros!

Working with a professional auto body painter guarantees you will receive services that boost your vehicle’s beauty and resale value. Visit the Desoto Collision Center near you for a paint job that makes your car look better than ever.