Desoto Collision Center  Southaven is a BBB Accredited Auto Body Shop in Southaven, MS



There for You When You Need It Most

Whether you’ve been in a small fender bender or have had the misfortune of a more serious car accident, auto collisions can be a whirlwind of unwanted emotions. They can be shocking, scary, and even in the fortunate case where nobody has gotten hurt, plenty of logistical worries are soon to follow. At times like this, it is especially important to have an auto collision repair service provider that you can trust completely.

At Desoto Collision Center, we are here for you to make the process of getting back on the road as simple as possible. We are a one-stop shop for both smaller and larger-scale vehicle collision repair, and we provide streamlined service estimates, mediation between you and your insurance companies for the repairs. We will be with you every step of the way.

Our technicians are continually trained and certified. They have the latest technology available to them to ensure that they can efficiently perform the highest-quality repairs. Rest assured that you are in great hands as we work together to make your vehicle look great again.

How We Determine Our Service Estimates

The dreaded question after a car accident: how much is this going to cost me? Relax, we have you covered at Desoto Collision. First off, our service estimates are free, so you have nothing to lose by letting us take a look at your vehicle and getting a professional opinion from one of our knowledgeable technicians.

Our repair estimate process uses CCC1 software, and this streamlines the entire system and manages all the projects that come through our shop. It also helps us communicate with insurance companies, and it even sends a text to keep you informed about the status of your repair.

It keeps everything organized to ensure the best possible outcome for your vehicle and our internal repair processes. We go over all estimates with you before starting repairs to ensure that you understand what exactly is being repaired, when those repairs will be complete, and what it will cost you out of pocket—if anything.

Certified and Experienced Technicians

Once you’ve got an idea of how the financial side of your repair will go, the next concern is usually, “can I trust the people who will be working on my car?” Rest assured that we go to great lengths to only recruit outstanding auto techs to our team. Furthermore, the skilled technicians that we hire also receive ongoing training in the workplace over the latest technology and techniques in the auto repair industry. Our employees are always savvy to the most effective way to repair your vehicle, so you can trust that your repair is in the hands of a master.

What’s more, we also maintain I-Car Gold Class Collision Repair certifications for all our shops and technicians as proof that we remain fully dedicated to upholding high service standards. This designation is an industry standard for ensuring customers that certified shops can be trusted with the essential task of guaranteeing that your vehicle has been safely repaired.

Our Auto Collision Repair Technology

We implement the use of the latest technology to make our services precise and reliable. Chief Automotive frame machines and measuring systems guarantee that your frame repair is done as close to perfection as possible. It allows for data reporting on weld strength, automatic tool recognition, and essentially allows our workers to be continuously informed about any product changes that might occur in the industry. This promotes safer, better, and more accurate repair jobs, and it checks that the ideal equipment is always selected in terms of the materials that comprise the different parts of your vehicle.

Additionally, the ProSpot welders and repair stations that our technicians use are top-of-the-line in the auto body repair industry. These welders use nitrogen gas as a protective cooling agent to prevent the parts of your vehicle from burning during the repair process. This allows for a smoother, more precise welding job without leaving a visible cosmetic mark of the repair.

auto collision repairUnless you have a habit of getting into car accidents, the process of dealing with collision repairs and filing an insurance claim is probably something that you have relatively little experience in doing. We understand that many of our clients need guidance and assistance during this time, and that’s why we go above and beyond to see you through more than just the repair of your vehicle.

While your vehicle is being repaired, we are happy to help get your rental car situation settled with Hertz or Enterprise should you need transportation. We also help determine which deductible you’ll be paying based on your insurance policy, and we can mediate between you and your insurance company during the repairs if necessary. Dealing with insurance can be confusing and frustrating, but we put our experience and expertise at your disposal to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

When we say that we’re here to take care of our customers every step of the way, we really mean it. It’s our hope that by providing excellent service, you will be inclined to trust us for your collision repair needs in the future—or at the least put out a good word for us. Either way, we’re happy knowing we’ve done right by our customers.

At Desoto Collision Center, we mark each and every service with a lifetime guarantee. This is because we have the utmost confidence in our employees and their expertise. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your service, come in to see us. We won’t hesitate to rectify the situation immediately.