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Frame damage is one of the most common consequences of more serious car accidents. Since your vehicle’s frame outlines and supports the structure of the machine, it’s essential to make sure that it is in sound overall condition so as not to compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle. Driving with a damaged or cracked frame can drastically decrease the safety of your vehicle; therefore it’s vital to seek an auto body frame repair service immediately if you suspect that your car’s frame may be damaged. Not only that, but chances are if your frame is damaged then the damage is visible from the outside, and nobody likes to drive around in a vehicle that looks smashed up.

Our Auto Vehicle Frame Repair Technology

At Desoto Collision Center, our auto body shops are equipped with Chief Automotive frame machines and measuring systems. These systems allow us to perform frame repairs with a high level of precision, ensuring your frame repair is done with the highest possible accuracy. It also allows for data reporting on weld strength, automatic tool recognition, and similar technologies, which lets our workers stay informed about any product changes that might occur in the industry. This, in turn, promotes safer, better, and more accurate repair jobs, and it checks that the ideal equipment is always selected for your vehicle and the materials that comprise its different parts.

In addition to our top-notch measuring systems, we also use ProSpot welding products, including their Nitrogen Plastic Welder and Aluminum Repair Stations. ProSpot is a leader in quality welding and repair products for the auto collision repair industry. These top-of-the-line welders are unique in that they utilize nitrogen gas to protect your vehicle from heat damage during the welding process. They are also ideal for welding the unique materials found on modern cars precisely and efficiently.

Technicians with Experience

We take our hiring process very seriously when it comes to bringing in the best techs in the auto body industry. Furthermore, we provide on-site training and continuing education to ensure that our employees are always savvy to any developments in the industry. Every one of our workers is I-Car Gold Class Collision Repair certified, and this work standard is something we take great pride in as proof that our techs are true professionals who will take excellent care of your vehicle.

Safety Concerns Regarding Your Auto Frame

One of the most crucial factors to consider when committing to an auto frame repair is your safety as a driver. Think of it this way: the frame provides the primary structure and support for your vehicle and plays a particularly important role in protecting you during a collision by resisting the impact of the crash. Would you feel safe knowing that this protective component is bent, cracked, or damaged in any way? Of course not!

This is one of the many reasons that our technicians take the job of vehicle frame repair so seriously. While having a frame that looks nice and dent-free is definitely important, we take the structural integrity of the vehicle and safety of our clients into account as the first priority.

auto collision repairNobody jumps out of their seat to buy a used product with visible damage, and this logic applies strongly to the reselling of your vehicle. If you’re like the average car owner, you plan to enjoy driving your vehicle for several years, but eventually will make a choice to upgrade, and sell or trade your older car to finance the purchase of a newer one.

Where this gets tricky is any situation in which you have to decide between investing in repairing a vehicle with a damaged frame versus selling it as is. Depending on the severity of the frame damage, the repair cost can often be offset by the higher resale value that you gain from not leaving your vehicle in a damaged state.

Always consult with a trusted professional before committing to a more extensive auto frame repair job but be sure to consider if the increased resale value of your vehicle might be a game-changer for your decision-making progress. Our trusted auto techs at Desoto Collision have had years of experience dealing with vehicle frame repairs and mediating between insurance companies and clients for the repair cost, so you can rest easy if you trust us with your auto frame repair.

We know that you have options when it comes to deciding who you trust to repair your vehicle for you. That’s why at Desoto Collision we make it easy for our potential customers to see that we’re all about running an honest, locally-owned business that hires only excellent technicians who do quality work.

From the get-go, we offer free damage assessments and accurate service estimates so that you know exactly what to expect when trusting us with your vehicle. Beyond that, we have plenty of experience working as an intermediary between our customers and their insurance companies, and this makes the entire repair process run much smoother.

Our outstanding customer service isn’t just limited to fixing your vehicle—we will be with you every step of the way in the hopes that you’ll keep us in mind should you ever need assistance with your vehicle in the future. Even if you never need our services again, we take pride in knowing we left your vehicle safer.

The Desoto Lifetime Service Guarantee

Every auto body repair service that we complete is backed with a lifetime guarantee. Having an auto frame that is in a proper state of repair is extremely important to both your safety and the value of the vehicle, and that’s why we place such a high standard on the quality of our work for all our services. We understand that our clients place a great deal of trust in us, and that same degree of confidence is reflected from us to our technicians as evidenced by this service guarantee.