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Witnessing an auto-hit and run can is unsettling and sometimes traumatic. Whether you are a bystander to a car accident, involved in an auto hit and run, or the victim of a hit, you will need to address the accident.

Make Sure You Are Safe

After any vehicular accident, ensure your safety first. Take a moment to catch your breath and check in with your body. Even if you sense no immediate signs of injury, such as bleeding, broken bones, or disjointed areas, continue scanning your body.

Do not exit your vehicle until you know you have no serious injuries. If you discover significant injuries or cannot move, call for help if possible.

Check Surroundings

Look around and identify your surroundings. It’s important to remember your surroundings right after a crash if you have no time to take pictures for evidence. After verifying you’re safe to exit the vehicle, step out and assess the damage.

Now would be an opportune time to take pictures and collect as much evidence as possible. If you can,  write down the license plate number of the attacking vehicle or any other information. This information could represent crucial evidence.

Watch out for scattered debris on the road, making sure not to touch it until an emergency crew arrives. Waiting for help to move pieces of an accident ensures that you won’t hurt yourself and the police have everything they need for a police report. Insurance companies will also need to see as much of the accident as possible to compensate you for a claim.

Call 911

If you haven’t already, call 911. Move your car to the side of the road if you are not the crash victim. If you are the victim of a hit, stay where you are until help arrives.

If you were the victim of an auto hit and run, you will also need to call your auto insurance company. They will ask you a series of questions and need as much evidence as you can give to file a claim.

Let them know if you do not feel emotionally or physically ready to answer questions. However, try to provide as much information as possible.

Offer Support

The victims of a hit and run may be in distress or potentially injured. Offering support may ease the immediate anguish following a car accident. If your car was the offending vehicle, check with other passengers to ensure they are okay.

Check with the owners and passengers of any other involved vehicles to ensure their well-being. You will also need to collect phone numbers and insurance information for future use.

Auto hit and run accidents are not something anyone wants to experience. However, knowing how to respond is critical in this type of emergency.

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